Public Transportations

Trams and buses are available from 5 a.m. to midnight. The ordinary ticket has a validity of 90 minutes and costs 1.50 euro. The urban+suburban ticket also lasts 90 minutes but costs 1,70 euro. For information about the urban and suburban network, you can contact:

GTT - Gruppo Torinese Trasporti
Toll free number 800 019152
mon-sat 6.30-19.30 .
For information about public transportation:
Toll free number 800 990097 (free from landline) 011/6910000 (with mobile phone)
Everyday 7.00-21.00

It connects the Porta Susa, Porta Nuova and Lingotto train stations to the town of Collegno.
Each ordinary urban ticket for bus and tram can be used for one subway ride (1.50 euro).
Toll free number 800 019152

Star 1 Line
The Star line uses electric and ecologic buses to easily and comfortably connect the main parking lots with the city centre.
The Star Line 1 crosses the city from the Palagiustizia (via Cavalli) to the Gradenigo hospital (corso Regina Margherita).
The Star Line 2 travels from corso Bolzano to corso Cairoli.
To use these lines, you just have to buy an ordinary GTT urban ticket.
The service is available from Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 19.30, with a bus every 10-15 minutes.
Toll free number 800 019152

On Friday and Saturday night and on days before holidays, there are 10 bus lines that connect the city centre with the rest of the city. There are buses every hour, from 0.30 to 4.30 towards piazza Vittorio Veneto and from 1.00 to 5.00 towards the different bus terminals. The service is accessible with an ordinary urban ticket, that can also be purchased from automatic dispensers near tobacco shops and through parking meters.
Linea 1 Arancione, from piazza Massaua to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 4 Rossa, from via Cigna to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 4 Azzurra, from piazza Caio Mario to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 10 Gialla, from via Massari to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 15 Rosa, from via Brissogne to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 18 Blu, from corso Maroncelli to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 57 Oro, from piazza Sofia to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 60 Argento, from piazza Manno to piazza Vittorio and back
Linea 68 Verde, from via Cafasso to piazza Vittorio and back
Toll free number 800 019152

Autobus Terminal or Bus Station
Point of departure for buses that have regional, National and International routes.
corso Vittorio Emanuele II 131 h
tel. 011/4338100

Tram Track Sassi - Superga
piazza Modena
tel. 800019152
Regional Toll free number Pronto Trasporti 800 019152
everyday from 7 to 21

N.B.: some of the bus lines in the city are accessible to handicapped people, for information: GTT Toll free number 800 019152

  • TAXI

Pronto Taxi – Radio Central
tel. 011/5737

Radio Taxi
tel. 011/5730 . 011/3399

Discounted prices are available for taxi rides from and to the airport (30 euros from parking lots in the ZTL environmental area, 24 hours a day) and from the ZTL area (5 euros, from 7.30 to 19.00).


Call Center Trenitalia
892021 (paid call)

Porta Nuova Station
corso Vittorio Emanuele II 53
Customer service tel.011/6653096
every day 7.00-21.00

Groups Center
tel. 011/5611445
mon-fri 9.30-12.30; 15.00-16.30

Assistance Service for Handicapped people
everyday 7.00-21.00

Porta Susa Station
piazza XVIII Dicembre 8
Customer Service tel. 011/5611928
mon-fri 7.00-21.00; Saturday and days before holidays 9.00-12.00; 14.00-17.30

Lingotto Station
via Pannunzio 1
Referring to Porta Nuova Offices


International Airport "Sandro Pertini"
strada San Maurizio 12 Caselle Torinese (Torino)
tel. +39 011/5676361-362 fax +39 011/5676420

How to reach the train station from the airport
By bus: a public transportation service connects the airport and the city centre, in about 40 minutes. The cost is 5,50 euro. The tickets are available at the Tourist information point in the Arrival area (from 8.30 to 22.30), at the newsstand (departure area), at the policy shop and the automatic ticket machine in the Arrival area, and directly on the bus with a 0,50 euro additional fee.

By Taxi: (taxi stand in the Arrivals area) Rides to the city centre, about 30 minutes long, with a fixed rate of 30 euro.

By train: from the train station in the airport, there are trains that leave from 05.00 to 21.00, one every half hour. They connect the airport with the Dora Station (piazza Baldissera 7) in Turin and the ride is about 20 minutes long. The one-way ticket (3,40 euro) or the daily ticket (6,20 euro) also allow to use the public transportation in Turin for free.

How to reach the airport from the station
Train-shuttle service: a railway line connects the Dora GTT Station in Turin with the Sandro Pertini Airport in Caselle Torinese.
tel. 011/2165352 . 800 019152

Bus-shuttle service:
from Porta Nuova Station, there is a bus service that connects the station to the airport.
Terminal in the city: corso Vittorio Emanuele II at the corner with via Sacchi.
Terminal in the airport: Sandro Pertini Airport, Caselle Torinese, Arrival area. tel. 011/3000611


via S. Francesco da Paola 20/A
Tel. 011/5623514

AVIS - Sandro Pertini Airport
Tel. 011/4701528

Porta Nuova Station
Tel. 011/6699800

corso Turati 37
Tel. 011/502080

Car Sharing GTT
individual mobility service that allows to have an available car in a new and innovative way: you can just pay fot the effective use of the car instead of buying it.
corso Cairoli 32
mon-fri 8.30-17.30
Tel. 011/8137811 - Fax 011/8137809

via Madama Cristina 72 angolo via Buonarroti
tel. 011/6503603


Informambiente Toll free number
800 018235

The city of Turin offers a bicycle rental service in the parks. Some of the rental points are:
Ruffini Park
Colletta Park
Pellerina Park
Valentino Park
Piazza Carlo Alberto

Bicycle rental service promoted by Pro Loco Torino in collaboration with the association Amici della Bicicletta. There are three rental points in the city (via San Domenico, piazza Statuto, Michelotti park). tel. 011/5613059


In Turin, there are ZTL areas (Zone a Traffico Limitato – Limited Traffic Areas) where the circulation is limited or forbidden during specific hours, days and occasions. These areas are controlled by video cameras at the access points. For information, you can visit the City’s website

In the city centre, there are many paid parking areas called "Zona Blu" and they have different charges per hour, according to the selected area (from 0,50 to 2,00 euro). Vouchers for these areas are available at tobacco shops, newsstands, cafés and parking meters.

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