Since the 2006 Winter Olimpics, Torino has been and continues to be the protagonist of a great process of renovation with International importance: urban requalification works, projects like the Passante Ferroviario and the Subway, new initiatives and services.

This new projects have radically changed the face of Torino, already named “Little Paris” in the past, for its streets, squares, historic cafés and many monuments.

The ideal place to start visiting Torino is Piazza Castello, the main square of the city. From here begin some of the main streets of the city: Via Garibaldi ( pedestrian), Via Po’, Via Roma and via Pietro Micca.

This square also has many important historic buildings: Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), Teatro Regio (Regio Theater), Palazzo della Giunta Regionale (Palace of the Regional Committee), Palazzo della Prefettura (Palace of the Prefecture), Palazzo delle Segreterie (Palace of the Secretary), Armeria (Armoury), Biblioteca Reale (Royal Library, which includes many works of Leonardo da Vinci) and, in Piazzetta Mollino, Archivio di Stato (State Archive).

Since the exhibition of the S. Sindone, the square has become a pedestrian area and it hosts the most important city events.

According to the project recently approved by the Piedmont Region, the square will be involved in the works for the creation of the Line 2 of the Subway, with the stop “Castello”.

Piazza Vittorio Veneto is located beside the Po River and is the biggest colonnaded square in Europe.

In part pedestrian area, it’s the centre of the city’s movida”: there are many night clubs, frequented by young people since happy hour. From Piazza Vittorio you can also access the area of the Murazzi sul Po.

The view from Via Po is beautiful: the magnificent and imposing square, the glimpse of the Gran Madre, the city’s hills, the Monte dei Cappuccini and, on the left of the Gran Madre, the Villa della Regina.

Piazza San Carlo is one of the most important squares in Torino; it’s located near Via Roma, which connects it to Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Felice.

It’s often the stage for various historical and social events, such as political meetings, concerts, public performances, live television and celebrations for the Juventus football team triumphs.

On the 2nd of May 2012, in occasion of the Exhibition of the Sindone, this square is where Pope Benedetto XVI met the citizenry of Torino and celebrated the Mass; in the afternoon, the Pope presided the meeting with the youth, before going to the Cathedral Dome of Torino, to venerate the Santa Sindone, and then to the Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza.

Piazza Statuto is our square: in the past, some of our grandparents and parents played here; now we play, we see it living everyday and our grandparents use it as a meeting place and as a place to rest for a while. It’s beautiful and we want it even more beautiful.

Today, the square is an important crossroads for the city: in the south, it protects the near and new Porta Susa Train Station, in the west it faces France and the mountains create a great frame up to north-east; finally, with via Garibaldi, it points to sunrise, over Palazzo Madama and the hill. In the morning, it’s a hard-working world of shops, cars, public transportation, kids that go to school, people who comes to work from far away or just passes by. It’s a square full of history, which is enriched by new cultures everyday.

At this moment, Piazza Statuto is being excavated due to the work necessary for the passante ferroviario. When the works will be completed, the square will have four levels. At the lowest level, about 30 meters underground, is the subway, already working in that section; at the second level will be the high-speed railway to Milano; at the third level will be a large underground passage; finally, on the ground level, the square will become pedestrian.

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